In light of the current crisis our Spring and early Summer tour dates for This Time and Belly of the Whale have been cancelled. Information on future shows will be regularly updated on the website.

For everyone who bought tickets to these shows, venues will be in touch to arrange refunds or transfers for future dates. Whereever possible we will perform the show at a later date. We plan to weather this storm and to remount shows as soon as possible. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our audiences for their support past and present. We have been bowled over by the warmth of messages we have received.

Our shows often centre around the interaction between human vulnerability and strength and how this strength often comes from the trust and connection between people. In this time of crisis and physical separation it has been profoundly moving to see the power of this human connection and its ability to endure.

For fellow artists and circus performers here is a list of links from the Arts Council for anyone that is need info about how their funds might be able to help you. Also links to other resources they offer in terms of learning and support.

ACE Emergency Response Funds you can find out more about the fund for individuals here and the funding for organisations outside of the National Portfolio here

ACE has also provided additional funding to benevolent funds run by other organisations which provide support to artists, you can find out more about these funds on their website here

ACE website also has information regarding support from Government and other sources for individuals here and organisations here

Digital Culture Network -are an Arts Council team who are there to support the arts sector to work more digitally. They can provided 1-2-1 support to organisations across a range of topics such as ecommerce, digital marketing strategies and more. They are also providing support for digital issues related to Covid-19 so please do feel free to email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .Have a look on ACE website to find out more about the skills of the teams as well as resources they have put up in light of Covid-19 such as help with remote working tools, income generation and donation and more…. You can find them here, sign up to their mailing list here or follow them onTwitter

Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance (funded by ACE as a sector support organisation) – Have an resource page with collated information for the sector on Covid-19. It covers support for Freelancers, businesses and charities, as well as digital creative resources to support mental health, and a round-up of support from funders.

Additional funding to other emergency funds including those set up by Outdoor Arts and Equity which do provide support for circus artists.

The Emergency Response Funds (ERF) that ACE has announced this week are for all art forms included circus artists both individuals and organisations that are outside of the National Portfolio. More info can be found here

Here is their regularly updated blog about how they are responding and what they are doing and why.

Covid-19 support | Arts Council England

If you want inspiration for creative endeavours here are a couple of links:

This one is from the BBC

And this one from Grayson Perry

And if you’re after some motivation to move we’ve been loving the 80’s workouts from our company stage manager Betty Hayne’s company Lycra

Or for some beautiful movement exploration we've also been joining Rosamund Martin’s live class at 4pm Monday-Friday

And lastly here’s a link to an article and a blog that we thought were interesting about theatre and creativity at this time...

In the meantime follow us on social media for all the latest updates and most importantly, take care of yourselves and each other.

Warm Wishes from all at Ockham's Razor

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